The New Exposure Unit!

Our new unit!

Tonight we were finally able to use the new exposure unit that was part of the package we won in the Ryonet Pick Me video blog contest.  The exposure unit is AMAZING! 

Every time we have tried to burn screens in the past, I have truly dreaded the process.  Kyle generally sets up the image on the screen and I did the wash out.  I sat outside for 12 1/2 minutes while he burned the image and waited to wash out the screen.  Today, things were different.  For the better!

Today, Kyle and I set up the image placement together.  We cut the board to fit the foam size to fit in the screen.  We were ready.  We took our first image and taped it on the screen.  We placed the image and screen on the lightbox, put the foam in the screen, put the board on top, then put 50 pounds of weights on top.  We set the timer to 5 minutes 15 seconds as suggested in the directions and waited. 

Five minutes and 15 seconds sure goes by a lot faster than I thought.  It seemed very quickly that the light box turned off and our image was ready for washout.  I was really happy to see the image when we took the screen to wash out.  Although our first image was pretty detailed, I was so excited to see the results!  I used some of the wash out techniques that we learned from the Ryonet training class, and it really paid off.  This is the first time that I can remember that we didn’t have any issues on the burning or washing out.  We exposed correctly and the emulsion wasn’t slimy at all!

As you can tell, I am very excited about the quality of this exposure unit and how much of a helpful upgrade this is for us.  If it wasn’t so late already, I am sure we would be printing now.  Seeing as it is over 100 degrees during the day still here is Las Vegas, we wait until late evening to work on our screen printing.  I am looking forward to showing everyone our first set of printed shirts this weekend.  What a great experience today was!

Ryonet’s Silk Screening Academy

Kelley and I attended the first ever Ryonet Silk Screening Academy in Los Angeles, CA. During the class we were instructed on the basics of artwork, screen preparation, and printing. In the darkroom we learned a lot about how to properly put emulsion on screens, burn designs, wash out images, and even degrease the screens prior to use.  In the classroom we learned how to get artwork ready using Corel Draw and Illustrator and Photoshop, what different screen mesh sizes mean and how this affects production, and even how sublimation works!  In the printing room, we learned the differences between water-based ink and Plastisol and what the advantages are of each one.  We printed many different designs as you will see in the video.

Just the beginning!

Hello!  We are very excited to be here blogging about our screen printing business.  Our company name is The T-Shirt Guy, and we are based out of Las Vegas, NV.  Our business is family based and everyone is active in the business.

Recently we entered a contest with  The contest consisted of making a video blog about our interests to expand our screen printing business.  The contest prize was a full screen printing shop set-up in turn for blogging for a year about the development of the business.   There were a lot of great entries and to make a long story short, we won! 

So here we are beginning our year-long adventure.  Well, actually the adventure started recently with Kyle and I attending the training classes provided by Ryonet.  We attended the first-ever training for Southern California and it was awesome!  The first video is to come but we thought you would like to see this picture of Kyle and Ryan Moor (owner of Ryonet) taking a quick break in between printing at the class. If you want great, informative, and really fun training, go to and sign up for a class! 

If you are interested in a particular topic about screen printing or would like to see a video about a particular topic, let us know through the comments section!  This isn’t only about us, it’s about other new screen printing businesses too!