Just the beginning!

Hello!  We are very excited to be here blogging about our screen printing business.  Our company name is The T-Shirt Guy, and we are based out of Las Vegas, NV.  Our business is family based and everyone is active in the business.

Recently we entered a contest with Ryonet.com.  The contest consisted of making a video blog about our interests to expand our screen printing business.  The contest prize was a full screen printing shop set-up in turn for blogging for a year about the development of the business.   There were a lot of great entries and to make a long story short, we won! 

So here we are beginning our year-long adventure.  Well, actually the adventure started recently with Kyle and I attending the training classes provided by Ryonet.  We attended the first-ever training for Southern California and it was awesome!  The first video is to come but we thought you would like to see this picture of Kyle and Ryan Moor (owner of Ryonet) taking a quick break in between printing at the class. If you want great, informative, and really fun training, go to screenprintingclass.com and sign up for a class! 

If you are interested in a particular topic about screen printing or would like to see a video about a particular topic, let us know through the comments section!  This isn’t only about us, it’s about other new screen printing businesses too!