A Great day at the NBM Show!

Day 1 at NBM Long Beach

Today was the first day at NBM Long Beach!  The exhibit hall opens tomorrow, but today there were educational seminars all day long.  I went to two seminars today and both were great.  The first one was on effective marketing  techniques and the second one was on screen printing basics.  Both were helpful, although I had learned most of the screen printing already from the Ryonet classes.  It was nice to be the one person in class that knew some of the answers! 

The marketing seminar was taught by Vince DiCecco.  I think I took this class  at a good time in our business.  As of today we don’t have a marketing plan, and I wouldn’t have known how to do one unless I had something like this class to help. I think from what I learned in this class, I will start a section on marketing and what I learned.  For anyone that can’t go to classes like this, it might be helpful to you as much as it was to me!  I will leave you with this last thought on this topic:  Remember that you are not creating something completely new, but you are trying to find your unique place in your field by bringing something to your customers that no one else will. 

Tomorrow I will go to the exhibit hall for the first time and take some more classes.   I am focusing more on the business tips as opposed to learning about other fields.  Until then…