A Fun Weekend of Printing!

Last night we actually used the new press!  We printed the back of the Burning Man job, even despite a pretty big setback.  Yes, we blew the breaker in the garage!  We tried resetting the GFCI and that didn’t work.  So we finished up despite not having electricity.  We used electricity from the house to use the flash dryer to finish. 

I am so excited how the Silver Press works.  It is quite the upgrade from the blue press.  The gas shocks, the station for the arm, and the basic design upgrade are wonderful!  I felt like it took hardly any time at all to print 30 shirts.  

We did have a little trouble with the front design.  Apparently our design was too detailed for the size mesh that we chose.  We put a design with thin lines onto 156 mesh.  Although the design burned ok, I wasn’t feeling that great about how it would print.  And after we registered the screen and put the ink on, I knew on the first pull that this wasn’t going to work.  I did try a couple of fixes before I gave up.  I tried using a different squeegee (I like a particular one or two), I tried back filling, pulling the ink, pushing the ink, but all of it was to no avail.  Kyle and I decided to change the image a little to make the lines thicker.  When we burned the image again, I was anxious to use the 230 mesh so we did!  It looks great.

Between the new exposure unit and the new press, I really found more enjoyment in this whole process than I thought I ever would.  The few shirts we made prior to this new equipment seemed like a chore.  This weekend was not like chores at all!  It was fun! 

I will put up pictures soon of the outcome of the shirts.  Kyle has videos to come too!    Oh, and yes, we found the breaker that was tripped.  All is well now.