Reduced Ink!


Woohoo!  I just printed shirts with reduced plastisol and they turned out great!  My daughter started designing shirts for her school and I wanted to make the already soft shirts keep the soft feel.  So I used the tips that I learned from Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants and the Specialty Printing seminar at the NBM show.  I have been very anxious to try out some of these specialty tips that Lon taught in the seminars.  Included in the Ryonet Blog Contest package that we won was curable reducer.  I didn’t even really realize how to use the curable reducer.  But now…I love it!

I used black and red Ryonet plastisol ink and reduced both 30%.  I printed a test shirt and it came out great.  I then moved on to the Bella scoop neck pink shirts.  Wow!  The shirts came out great!  I rushed in to show everyone the soft feel of the shirt.  I was really pleased!

But then I wasn’t completely done.  I decided to use my new purchase as well.  The Digital Knight DK20S.  Yes, the king of the heat presses.  I thought that silver foil would look great as the finishing touch.  I was hopeful that even though I had reduced the ink, that the foil would stick anyway. I know from the Ryonet Training Academy Class that foil will adhere to the plastisol.   So I thought that adding foil to this design would be just that extra something special.  So I fired up the heat press, tried the sample shirt with some silver foil, and it was beautiful!  I put foil on the already printed shirts and I am so pleased!  The reduced plastisol doesn’t make the foil stick fully onto the design, but picks up flakes of the foil that really give it that extra touch.  I can’t wait to experiment some more!