Scout Job: Sales Pitch

I am very excited to write this entry as this design evolution came about from the things I have learned over the past two months, but more specifically what I learned at the NBM show seminars.  I took three days of seminars and several that included t-shirt designs, specialty inks, and how to market our business.  I took lots of notes, met a lot of people, and had a lot of information just waiting to be used!  Today we got to put a lot of that information to use. 

The local Boy Scout Troop 555 needed a new shirt design for the Venture Crew t-shirt.  The theme of the Venture Crew is rifles, archery, muzzleloading, and shotguns. For the back,  we came up with the traditional design of the four diamonds and the text around the outside of the design.  The  front design is the traditional fleur-de-lis with the crew number around the design.  We had a similar design that we came up with as well.

But, before we left to pitch the design, I wanted to try something new.  At the NBM show I had taken several classes from Lon Winters of Graphic Elephants and Lon had talked about just trying new things.  Making designs more modern.  In the classes, Lon showed us a ton of shirts with specialty inks or just original applications.  He kept saying to just try something new.  I have been thinking about that a lot, and I just had an idea that I wanted to pitch to the scouts.  So Kyle and I quickly sat down with our graphic editing program that we got from Revolt Graphics.  We put a modern style design together in 20 minutes!  It was great!  We decided we would pitch the design using a reduced plastisol ink so the design would have a softer hand when it was printed.  We also pitched a softer cotton shirt so the shirt overall would be more comfortable.  Of the two basic designs and the modern design, it was an easy sell.  The scouts want the modern style shirt! 

I am very excited because I want to try the reduced plastisol to make the softer style shirt.   I need to find the color and style of shirt too!