Boy Scout Jobs Update

We got approval for the artwork for the green Crew 555 shirt that we talked about on previous post.  Since then we pitched another design to the Order of the Arrow chapter and are awaiting approval on that job.  It should be a fun shirt for Kyle as he was in the Order of the Arrow as a kid and has become an active member again since our son joined scouts.  The design is the “evolution” of the Order of the Arrow logos.  It is a clean, neat, and simple design that brings a big statement. 

Our next project on task for the weekend is making another video.  As I stated in our last post, we have been doing more paperwork than printing the past few days.  But we have been designing some shirts as well.  Kylie is still on the archery team and they want shirts again (yeah!) so we are trying to come up with some designs to show them on Wednesday.  We are finishing up the designs for her English teacher as well.  This is the shirt that we mentioned in our original contest video. The catch for us for the summer was that the teacher went out of the country so we couldn’t move forward with the design.  So now that school is back in, we can get some of these projects going.