Impressions Magazine!

This contest that we entered on a whim in July has really been wonderful. We went into the contest as a family with everyone sharing how their part is important to the company, how we started off screen printing as a hobby, and how our interest grew to this point that we wanted to grow into a company.   A successful company of course.  We just needed some help.  And that is what we feel people saw when they watched our video and voted for us in order to win.

Today, when we got the link for an article to read in Impressions Magazine  and realized we were mentioned in the article, well, that was overwhelming!  Not just because the contest that we entered was there, but that Ryonet would make sure to mention us by name!  Just when you think that Ryonet can’t top themselves, they do. 

Thank you so much to Ryan Moor and everyone from Ryonet for constantly outdoing yourself and proving why you are so successful!  We are just so excited to be a part of this Pick Me Video Blog Contest!  And in Impressions Magazine!