About 2 months ago a friend of ours asked if we could screen print onesies for him as gifts.  He is in the Air Force and each time someone has a baby in his squadron they give a onesie with the squadron logo on it to the new parents.  Our friend didn’t know who put this logo on for them in the past, but knew that we printed shirts so he asked us!  He sent us pictures of the onesies that had made in the past and I realized they were not screen printed but the image was put on with heat transfer.  Luckily for us we have our Digital Knight Heat Press and I just had to find the right heat transfer product to use. So we took the job.

Finding the right product to use may sound easy enough, but this process was quite grueling.  I started off with some heat transfer products I have used in the past when I made photo quilts. But with the products I used in the past were primarily made for ink jet printers and were not very good quality compared to the laser papers.  But the laser papers I tried left either a heavy film or the image was washed out.  So I just kept researching until I found Pro Word, Inc.  I found a product called Trim Free Laser Paper

This paper is pretty cool!  You print your image from your laser printer onto the paper.  After you heat press the image onto the garment, only the print comes off onto the garment.  I could not believe what I was reading!    What a neat product!  I ordered enough to get the onesie job done then waited for it arrive.  When the Trim Free  paper finally arrived, I took them to my local printer to have them printed. I couldn’t use my laser printer at home because it is an HP, and of course, the paper cannot be used in an HP printer.  But I thought this was not a big deal because our local printer has a Canon laser copier.  When I took the job there, they won’t copy on to heat transfer paper anymore after someone ruined their printer.  So I went to the next copy store.  And the same problem occurred there. 

Finally, Kyle and I talked about what to do to get this job done.  He suggested that we buy another laser printer.  This was not an expense that I was expecting, but I needed  to get the job done.  We did some research and found a printer that would work.  As luck would have it, we went to purchase the printer at Office Max and it was on sale! YEAH!  We brought the printer home, hooked it up, and printed the Trim Free paper  with the squadron logo.  Then the big test came when we pressed the design onto the onesies.  And they came out great!  I was very pleased with the paper, the quality of the color, and the whole look of the design on the garment.  When we delivered the onesies yesterday, our friend was very pleased!  Me too!

And the best part for me is that we had another friend already ask us if we can print on onsies!  Yes.  Yes, we can print on onsies!