Fluffy Puff Girls

When we started screen printing as a company instead of just a hobby, there is one thing that I really wanted to happen to feel successful.  Or at least on our way to successful.  And that one thing was getting an order from someone not connected to anyone that we know.  Not a school contact or friend of a friend, but just someone out of the blue finds us and we get an order.  Well, that finally happened two weeks ago!

On our website, www.thetshirtguylv.com we have a T-Shirt designer.  Guests to our site can design shirts using their own ideas or pick from already designed shirts.  The guests then place their order and we get to work!  Within minutes of getting the order, I received a call from the person that placed the order and she needed the shirts in 8 days from the day she ordered the shirts!  So we were VERY excited, and very nervous at the same time.  We had to order the shirts from a company that we normally don’t use, get the design burned, and then print the shirts all while we had another order on the press!  Oh, and did I mention this was all going on last week while the SGIA Expo was going on?!

Nonetheless, we did it!  We got the t-shirts from www.outletshirts.com on time, burned the designs, and printed the shirts with one day to spare!  And the client loved them!  She even gave our business card to some friends already and filled out our satisfaction survey giving us rave reviews!  We couldn’t be happier with the order and the results!