Phone calls, new opportunities, and other things

So we are moving along well this week.  We have our first of two Christmas events in exactly a week.  Tomorrow we are going to do a test run on setting up our booth.  We found out that for the first event we have to decorate so that will be part of the setup tomorrow.  I think we will use lights and garland to make our tent festive, but we will have to see what sort of power we will have to be able to use lights.  These events should be a really good way to get out into the community even more. 

In fact, we do seem to be making some leeway with getting out into the community as we got a phone call from the Las Vegas chapter of Habitat for Humanity on Tuesday.  They want a quote for 4 different designs of 100 shirts each!  This would be our biggest order to date.  And it is nice to get calls from people that we don’t have any connections with.  And equally as exciting, I am a big supporter of Habitat for Humanity having helped build a few Habitat houses in the past.  So this really would be a win-win for us.  We submitted a quote, so we will have to see how it works out!