Ups and Downs

Starting a new business definitely has its ups and downs.  We had a lot of ups last month when we had our best month so far with five orders.  We stayed busy and had enough work  to feel like we were on our way.  Well, this month has been slower.  In fact, we don’t have any orders right now and none out for bid either.  In fact, a job that we thought was on the way to approval is no longer.  They ordered shirts from someone else.  I know business is business, but it doesn’t mean that I am not disappointed.  I think we did everything we could to get the order so I am not upset about how we handled the situation, but it is disappointing when you just see the shirts and didn’t know they were even ordered! 

But nonetheless, we are putting together our November Holiday Marketing plan. Our plans will give us the exposure that we need in the community to continue to get more and more work!  But it is a bit too early to disclose the plans just yet. We’ll let you in on our plans soon.