Back in the Swing

Well, we have orders coming in again and we are ready!  We took more time off for the holidays than we thought that we would, but I guess that is a benefit of owning our own business.  The two jobs that we have right now are for Northwest Career and Technical Academy’s  (NWCTA) Archery Club and Australia Trip.

The Archery Club order is our first recurring order!  The archery shirts from last spring was one of our first “paid” orders.  We are excited now to have their order again.  The 2nd Annual National Archery in Schools Program Tournament is February 10th so we are excited that NWCTA Archery Club will debut our shirts for the tournament.

In our original contest video, our daughter Kylie, mentioned that her teacher wanted shirts for his Australia Trip.  This story wasn’t made up!  However, at the time we had no idea it would take 6 months to get this project going!  We came up with some great designs last summer and sent them to the teacher.  He was gone for the summer so he didn’t get the designs until after the beginning of school.  Then he had took some time picking the design that he liked.  After that he had to get the school to approve the design as well.  As you can imagine, this process took awhile.  We found our right before Christmas that our design was approved!  The excitement comes from the teacher as well because we know that he will continue to tell other teachers about the quality of our designs and communication efforts! 

So this weekend we will burn screens and if we get our t-shirts today, we will print!  I love this job!

Happy New Year 2011!

2010 was an amazing year for The T-Shirt Guy!  We were fortunate enough to win Ryonet’s Pick Me Contest in July and this win helped us jump start our business!  We have learned a lot already and are very excited about the future of our business.  We have made great friends along the way including Ian and Leesa at Yeah Right Designs, MOYA Tees and company, Bob at Select Inks, Tazz Ringel with Tee’s by Tazz, Jeanette with the Pondering Pooch, Michael with Akutuq Northern Design, and of course everyone at Ryonet

Thank you for a great year and we look forward to the adventures in 2011!

Kyle, Kelley, Kylie, Jarod, and Kendall Waltz