Las Vegas Lady Mustangs

We finished our first softball team shirts today. Hoodies and t-shirts were on the menu! This order was our first time doing names and numbers so we had to find a company that would make this easy for us. When we went to the NBM show in Long Beach, CA  last August, we ran across a company called Transfer Express. This company has a fantastic system set up to order names, letters, numbers, even custom designs for screen printers. With just a heat press, which we already have, we just needed to order the names and numbers. The whole process from ordering the names and numbers to the customer service people to help me make sure I was ordering correctly was a great process! I highly recommend checking them out to fulfill those obligations of name and numbers for teams. Quick, easy, and pretty good price too!  We used for our shirts and hoodies of course.  They, too, always provide us with good prices and good customer service!

Cowboy Christmas Part II

We really had a blast at the City of Las Vegas Ward 6 Cowboy Christmas in December.  We hope you enjoy our video from the event.  We gave out about 200 drink koozies and printed lots of shirts.  We gave away a set of 10 custom ten shirts that someone won in a raffle.  We will make sure to post on that job when we get it!.  I would recommend to other printers to go out to local events.  We made a ton of connections and did a lot of marketing. It was so much fun as you can see!

Fluffy Puff Girls Strike Again

In October we were fortunate to meet a great client, Lori Castillo.  Lori is part of an inspiring team of women that are working hard to lose weight.  They formed a team called the Fluffy Puff Girls and work out together at the Fitness Source in Las Vegas.  We first met Lori because she found us on an Internet search for T-Shirt in Las Vegas.  We made 5 shirts for her with a quick turnaround so the Fluffy Puff Girls could have these shirts in time for their first 5k!  The 5k was called “The Biggest Winner” and that is just what the Fluffy Puff Girls did!  They won! 

We were very proud to make the shirts for such a great group.  And we were even more excited when they wanted more shirts made for another 5k in February!  Instead of the pink shirts they wanted to print on black shirts.  This change affected the design because the original prints were pink, white, and black ink.  The black ink was the outline and details and would not show up on black shirts. 

When I spoke with Lori she said that she really wanted the weights to show up on the black shirts.  As we already had the designs made, I didn’t want to redo the screens if we changed the design.  So we used the same designs and decided to just tape up what would have been the black details except for the weights.  We then used silver shimmer for the weights.  After a few trials, the shimmer really made the difference.  The silver looked just like hand weights! 

To continue the story with Lori and the Fluffy Puff Girls, well, hopefully our shirts are their lucky charms as they won another 5k!  Great job ladies!  Thanks for letting us make your shirts again!