Civil War Reenactment

Another successful evening of t-shirt designer. This time for the civil war reenactment weekend. This is a repeat job for us as we did last year’s shirts as well. I do like creating new designs especially when people are excited to see their vision come to light. Last night was a little frustrating though. It’s hard to be creative when you just don’t know the material. Our client, Jason, did his best to give me as much information as he could so that I could get a grasp of what I was creating for him. He scanned his history books and offered images. I was able to piece together a few images, add some text, to reshape the design to something usable and creative. Of course I missed a few battles which we had to add it, and I had to move “Las Vegas” to the left, which honestly I’m not really sure why it was on the right, but everything came together. Kelley should be printing the shirts either today or tomorrow for delivery by Thursday evening.

Front Design Front Design

We still have two more orders that we need to finish the designs for; Northwest Seniors and Northwest Dress Code Violations. It seems that there is always work.

Boy Scout Camporee

We are pleased to get our first job from the Las Vegas Area Council. This is a pretty good sized order for us being 200 shirts. Being involved in Scouting we have made shirts for our troop but never could breach the barrier of the council. Last year we became officially licensed by the Boy Scout Council here in Las Vegas. We ordered the shirts on Tuesday of last week and they arrived on Friday. Since we just moved into our new house today was spent cleaning, putting away, and organizing the garage (or the shop). Although everything isn’t set up to our liking it will be usable to get the job done by Thursday. I did the color separation this evening and printed out the transparencies. Kelley is going to burn the images tomorrow and register the job. She will probably start printing on Tuesday. Looking at the design it should be a fairly easy design to print as there is only a small amount of green and white. We have found that the black ink prints so smoothly and easily that it really is fun to print. Once Kelley starts printing we will post up pictures of the finished shirts.

2011 LVAC Bighorn District Camporee