New Business Venture

We have been contemplating how to bring our business to the next level. We started looking at Ryonet’s Bling it Pro. We have purchased Rhinestone designs in the past and put them on some garments with our heat press but never were able to create custom designs ourselves. The Blink it pro along with the Graphtec Craft Robo Pro seems like a perfect fit for us. We started kicking around ideas on how to market the new option. We’ve even thought about spinning off a T-Shirt Girl web site as most of the designs are for ladies anyway. We started pouring through all of the Bling it videos online and think we have a pretty good grasp of the product. Along with Bling it our plotter can cut vinyl graphics as well which may be good for some of the “one-offs” that people always seem to want. We’ll research it a bit more and see what Ryonet’s Cyber Monday sale yields.