Company Hats and Computer Bags

We love our embroidery machine!  Embroidery has made it easier to customize your items with company logos!  These hats and computer bag were for a convention.  Some of the hats are all embroidery and others have glitter applique in between the embroidery. The glitter applique gives the hats a sparkly look without being too much.  You can see the glitter in the blue and the gray.  The computer bag is all embroidery.  The background on all the hats and the bag are black so that the light gray and blue logo can easily stand out.  Check out the pictures below!


Solid embroidery


On thee left is the solid embroidery and the right is glitter applique.



On the left, there are more solid embroidery and on the right there are more glitter hats


Computer Bag

Computer bags and hats are great give away items to hand out at conventions!  It’s an easy way to have your potential consumers use your items so your company can be remembered.