Company Hats and Computer Bags

We love our embroidery machine!  Embroidery has made it easier to customize your items with company logos!  These hats and computer bag were for a convention.  Some of the hats are all embroidery and others have glitter applique in between the embroidery. The glitter applique gives the hats a sparkly look without being too much.  You can see the glitter in the blue and the gray.  The computer bag is all embroidery.  The background on all the hats and the bag are black so that the light gray and blue logo can easily stand out.  Check out the pictures below!


Solid embroidery


On thee left is the solid embroidery and the right is glitter applique.



On the left, there are more solid embroidery and on the right there are more glitter hats


Computer Bag

Computer bags and hats are great give away items to hand out at conventions!  It’s an easy way to have your potential consumers use your items so your company can be remembered.

Vinyl-Not your old school 80’s stuff

When we tell someone we are going to “vinyl” their shirt, they think, “ew…that heavy stuff they used to press on shirts in the mall in the 1980’s??!!”  Well, no. When we talk about vinyl, we are referring to Siser EasyWeed Vinyl, GlitterFlake Vinyl from Stahls, Thermofilm, Glow in the Dark, Metallic, or many other options available now.  These vinyl materials can be as thin as 90 microns, which is about the equivalent of 0.09 millimeters…which feels like a very thin sheet of paper.  For example, when you print Easy Weed or Easy Weed Stretch on an entry level Gildan 100% cotton T-Shirt, the vinyl feels like a screen printed design!  There are even vinyls that look like gel, puff, and the already mentioned glow in the dark! 

Vinyl really has advanced with technology just like everything else.  Vinyl is a great alternative to screen printing especially when you need smaller orders.  These pictures are a great example.


Variety School designs

The different colors of shirts highlights the necessity of vinyl.

Variety School designs

Unique apparel options for the staff gives everyone individuality

Variety School designs

Cooler weather creates the push for custom sweatshirts

Variety School designs

The whole lot of apparel

Variety School designs

The school specifically requested sport tech polos.

Variety School designs

Jackets are a great addition to this packet of apparel.

Variety School design

The white polo shows off the design very well.

Variety School designs

The Core 365 jacket comes in many colors including black shown here.

Variety School Designs

Finally a ladies V-neck shows the unique abilities we can create with vinyl.

Variety School deisgns

Vinyl gives us the ability to create each of these shirts with different color combinations but the same logo.

Variety School designs

The red tee was made using black vinyl and blue vinyl.

Variety School designs

The black tee shows off white and red vinyl very well.


Each of these items create a unique look for the customer, but a team look for the school. Parents will know the staff members by the apparel they are wearing, yet each person did not have to order exactly the same shirt. And the school didn’t have to order 30 jackets when not everyone wanted jackets.

In addition, the vinyl is tested and will last the life of the garment.  In fact, most vinyls will outlast the garment!  So you may remember the vinyl of the 1980’s, but this is not it!  The new millennium vinyl has come as far as the phones from rotary to cell!  Go ahead, dream about what you would like made.  Vinyl just may be the answer!


New designs for camps

We’ve been busy printing shirts for two different camps this week. Boy Scout Troop 250 from Las Vegas headed off to Camp Raymond in Arizona. They left with a fun new shirt that even has part of it that glows in the dark. The shirt shown here is in the daylight.


And this is the same shirt in total darkness with just the words illuminated with glow!


We also printed these fun sweatshirts for Camp Harmony. This girls’ camp is for girls 12-18. These sweatshirts were printed in black and teal on vintage gold and vintage gray sweatshirts.






Are you ready for some….glitter vinyl and rhinestone….FOOTBALL!

It’s football season and we are so glad to have some great designs for the season! We recently made this for a customer for a local high school football team, the Centennial High School Bulldogs!




The glitter vinyl highlights the Football Mom name and the players name on the back while rhinestones highlight the front design. The back is full of sparkle with the rhinestuds featured on the number. We can personalize your mom shirt with style and sparkle!

Glitter vinyl and softball/baseball designs

We have great new designs for two local teams-one for baseball and one softball. Badgers designs feature glitter vinyl. In the sunlight, this glitter is amazing! Rhinestones highlight the Intensity designs. Check out our store at to purchase any these shirts and more!