BUSY Week and Weekend!

We had a very busy week here in the T-shirt world!  The SGIA Expo 2010 was going on Wednesday through Friday.  I was able to go the the Expo for a couple of days and see some really amazing things!  I was also able to meet a lot of vendors for the products that we purchase.  It was also good to see the ladies and gentleman from Ryonet and Revolt Graphics!

After a couple of busy days at the show, we had T-Shirts to print!  We have four orders of shirts to print and by doing them this weekend, we are getting them to the customers five days ahead of schedule!  And the shirts look AWESOME!  I am very pleased.  Kyle and I talked a good bit about the upgraded equipment and how time is money.  We really saw the difference in having better equipment and how much faster and smoother the printing process is. 

During the printing this weekend we have been brainstorming on ways to get out into the community more to continue to get orders and have come up with a couple of fun things to do.  Not to leave you hanging too much, but we won’t divulge all of our secrets today!  But we will soon!

SGIA Expo 2010

The SGIA Expo 2010 started today!  And wow!  It is awesome!  This trade show is really huge.  It is hard to believe how big this convention is.  There are lots of screen printing industry vendors and a lot of vendors for other industries as well.  So far I talked to the guys at CCI, M&R, Revolt Graphics, GraphicElephants, Digital Knight Heat Press, and Ryonet of course!  I have a couple of training sessions tomorrow that I am looking forward to.  Plus the Keynote Breakfast is tomorrow.  Lots more to learn and to tell you about!

SGIA is next week!

As you all know, I love conventions!  I had a great time at the NBM show  in August and next week, October 13-15,  the SGIA show  will be here in Las Vegas!  I am really looking forward to seeing everyone from Ryonet of course, and I am looking forward to learning even more about the business.  I am trying to get my schedule figured out for next week to be able to make the most of my time at the convention.  I usually only have about 3 1/2 to 4 hours each day that I am available, but the Las Vegas Convention Center is about 25 minutes away so that leaves me even less time actually at the show.  But I am sure all of that will work out. 

The shows are a great opportunity to find vendors, see new techniques, and for me, learn about the business side of screen printing.  I try to go to a variety of seminars that include garment decorating and sales and marketing.  I learned so much at the NBM show that I am even more anxious for the SGIA show  to get here.  Going to a show really helps me get inspired and see what is possible for me to do and to learn.  Trade shows really help me see the possiblity of our business as far as both design and growth.  I learned a lot from Graphic Elephants’ Lon Winters, and am looking forward to see what all I can pick up from him at the SGIA show!

I am actually multi-tasking right now as I write this.  SGIA  has a preview webinar that they offer to participants and it is on right now.  Hearing that there are Sales-Free Demonstration Zones  at the show is pretty cool!  There are demonstrations in the exhibit hall throughout the day and if you want to go, you just show up at the time of the demo you want to see!  No extra seminar fees!  Pretty awesome!  Most of the demostrations are designed for beginners so being free is even better! 

I will of course have my Flip camera and notepad, so I will make sure to give updates as to how things are going!