Vinyl-Not your old school 80’s stuff

When we tell someone we are going to “vinyl” their shirt, they think, “ew…that heavy stuff they used to press on shirts in the mall in the 1980’s??!!”  Well, no. When we talk about vinyl, we are referring to Siser EasyWeed Vinyl, GlitterFlake Vinyl from Stahls, Thermofilm, Glow in the Dark, Metallic, or many other options available now.  These vinyl materials can be as thin as 90 microns, which is about the equivalent of 0.09 millimeters…which feels like a very thin sheet of paper.  For example, when you print Easy Weed or Easy Weed Stretch on an entry level Gildan 100% cotton T-Shirt, the vinyl feels like a screen printed design!  There are even vinyls that look like gel, puff, and the already mentioned glow in the dark! 

Vinyl really has advanced with technology just like everything else.  Vinyl is a great alternative to screen printing especially when you need smaller orders.  These pictures are a great example.


Variety School designs

The different colors of shirts highlights the necessity of vinyl.

Variety School designs

Unique apparel options for the staff gives everyone individuality

Variety School designs

Cooler weather creates the push for custom sweatshirts

Variety School designs

The whole lot of apparel

Variety School designs

The school specifically requested sport tech polos.

Variety School designs

Jackets are a great addition to this packet of apparel.

Variety School design

The white polo shows off the design very well.

Variety School designs

The Core 365 jacket comes in many colors including black shown here.

Variety School Designs

Finally a ladies V-neck shows the unique abilities we can create with vinyl.

Variety School deisgns

Vinyl gives us the ability to create each of these shirts with different color combinations but the same logo.

Variety School designs

The red tee was made using black vinyl and blue vinyl.

Variety School designs

The black tee shows off white and red vinyl very well.


Each of these items create a unique look for the customer, but a team look for the school. Parents will know the staff members by the apparel they are wearing, yet each person did not have to order exactly the same shirt. And the school didn’t have to order 30 jackets when not everyone wanted jackets.

In addition, the vinyl is tested and will last the life of the garment.  In fact, most vinyls will outlast the garment!  So you may remember the vinyl of the 1980’s, but this is not it!  The new millennium vinyl has come as far as the phones from rotary to cell!  Go ahead, dream about what you would like made.  Vinyl just may be the answer!


Are you ready for some….glitter vinyl and rhinestone….FOOTBALL!

It’s football season and we are so glad to have some great designs for the season! We recently made this for a customer for a local high school football team, the Centennial High School Bulldogs!




The glitter vinyl highlights the Football Mom name and the players name on the back while rhinestones highlight the front design. The back is full of sparkle with the rhinestuds featured on the number. We can personalize your mom shirt with style and sparkle!

Vinyl to the rescue!

We don’t usually take one shirt orders but we received a call from a customer that just needed one shirt. The design was easy enough to be cut out on the plotter and heat pressed onto the shirt that we decided to say yes. In fact the entire shirt was just words. Unfortunately, the meaning of the shirt escapes us as it’s some kind of inside joke but we were able to get it done in just a couple of days as we don’t keep the shirt color that he wanted in stock. We already had white vinyl at the shop and were able to cut the design in short order.

Now that we are a LLC in the state of Nevada additional distributors have been opened up to us. We discovered a local t-shirt distributor just 30 minutes from the shop. Kelley was able to swing over and pick up what the client needed and come back to heat press the design.

Custom White Vinyl Letters

Custom White Vinyl Letters

More on Vinyl

So last night I had a few jobs to cut on the plotter. We started using the plotter for the onesie/twosies jobs. We don’t usually take orders for less than 10 shirts but when it’s for family or a close buddy what are you going to do?

First, made a quick cut of a phrase for my mother-in-law’s birthday. It was a quote from Tina Turner. The Graphtech CE5000-60 peeled right through it.

The second job was a little trickier. This is for a track shirt for my buddy’s daughter. She only wants two shirts but it’s a two color design. Since her school, Foxcroft Academy, colors are maroon and white we decided to pick up some maroon vinyl from Specialty Graphics. The design is layered on top of each other creating an outline effect. This is the first time that I had to create two vinyl designs and layer them on top of each other. It didn’t come out perfect as my first cut I missed the inside of the “A” but I ended up cutting it out with an exacto knife. All in all it came out well. Kelley will be pressing it on a shirt later today. She will have to line up the two designs by eye so we will see how that goes.

This is the design that was proofed. The client gave us a pdf from Microsoft Word with what he wanted. He basically used Word Art. I was able to take his as a concept and create it in Adobe Illustrator.

Foxcroft Track and Field Vinyl T-Shirt

Foxcroft Track and Field

The finished vinyl designs are below. You can see the white one on the left will go directly on the shirt as a base. The maroon design on the right will be pressed over the white.

Foxcroft Academy Track and Field White Vinyl design

Foxcroft Academy Track and Field White Vinyl

Foxcroft Academy Track and Field Maroon Vinyl design

Foxcroft Academy Track & Field Maroon Vinyl

Below is the final product. Front two-color vinyl design with cut letters on the back.

Foxcroft two color vinyl heat press shirt

Foxcroft two color vinyl heat press shirt

Let us know how we can help you with your school track & field shirts or other sports. We can print uniforms and practice jerseys. As you can see we can put names and numbers on the back of the shirts as well.

Batitude Softball Uniforms

We just finished an order for uniforms for the Northwest Softball League team, the Batitudes.  They are a 12U team that have been playing together since the fall.  Last season we did their T-shirts and sweatshirts, and we were able to print their entire uniform this season.  We are also expecting a T-shirt order from them soon including rhinestoned shirts for the moms!  Check out the pictures of how the uniforms came out!

Blinged Batitudes! The Batitudes jerseyThe reverse print for the practice jerseyThe jersey and pants ready to goSponsor name looks great!

New Business Venture

We have been contemplating how to bring our business to the next level. We started looking at Ryonet’s Bling it Pro. We have purchased Rhinestone designs in the past and put them on some garments with our heat press but never were able to create custom designs ourselves. The Blink it pro along with the Graphtec Craft Robo Pro seems like a perfect fit for us. We started kicking around ideas on how to market the new option. We’ve even thought about spinning off a T-Shirt Girl web site as most of the designs are for ladies anyway. We started pouring through all of the Bling it videos online and think we have a pretty good grasp of the product. Along with Bling it our plotter can cut vinyl graphics as well which may be good for some of the “one-offs” that people always seem to want. We’ll research it a bit more and see what Ryonet’s Cyber Monday sale yields.

Jamaica Bags

About six months ago I was contacted about making totebags for friends that were getting married in Jamaica. The couple wanted to give all of their guests a special gift for making the trip to Jamaica to see their wedding.  Although we took our time on both sides coming up with a design, I started shopping for just the perfect bag right away.  I know when Kyle and I went to Jamaica there was a large variety of bags to choose from and I wanted this bag to be a good size and quality.  After doing some research I purchased four bags from that I wanted to see in person.  I am so glad that I did!  Although all of them had “khaki” or “tan” in the description, not all of them were the color that I pictured.  One was listed as khaki, but arrived as a dark olive green!  

After deciding on a large canvas bag that had an inside pocket and zipped closed, it was time to order the bags. We worked with the couple to narrow down design choices.  Ulitmately they came up with a design that we just tweaked for printing.  We decided to use a light blue pearl ink, but have Transfer Express make the designs for us.  We have used Transfer Express before and they do great work as well as have excellent customer service.  After just a few days of placing the order, our designs arrived.  I printed a  bag right away and was thrilled with the results!  A couple of days later I printed the rest of the bags and shipped them out to the happy couple! 

We were very pleased to see pictures from Jamaica of our bags being used readily.  We recieved a post card from the couple today that said, “Thank you so much for the bags!  Our guests used them everyday.  It was easy to spot our group on the beach by the collection of bags.  Everyone commented how great they looked.  We appreciate you guys taking the time to make them for us.  Thank you!!!!”  Those few lines say it all.  We love our customers and we love making our customers happy!


Transfer Express

I just wanted to add a quick post about Transfer Express.  We first saw this company at the NBM Long Beach show  in 2010.  They have a really great system for ordering numbers, lettering, and if desired, designs for heat transfer. The items ship anywhere from the same day to two days out depending on what you order.  We first used them for a softball team (The Lady Mustangs) that needed numbers and names on the back of the shirts we printed.    The prices are reasonable and the customer service is excellent.  The one thing I can say about Ryonet and company  is that they spoil the customers on excellent customer service so now I expect the same from all the vendors I use!  But Transfer Express holds their own on customer service too.


About 2 months ago a friend of ours asked if we could screen print onesies for him as gifts.  He is in the Air Force and each time someone has a baby in his squadron they give a onesie with the squadron logo on it to the new parents.  Our friend didn’t know who put this logo on for them in the past, but knew that we printed shirts so he asked us!  He sent us pictures of the onesies that had made in the past and I realized they were not screen printed but the image was put on with heat transfer.  Luckily for us we have our Digital Knight Heat Press and I just had to find the right heat transfer product to use. So we took the job.

Finding the right product to use may sound easy enough, but this process was quite grueling.  I started off with some heat transfer products I have used in the past when I made photo quilts. But with the products I used in the past were primarily made for ink jet printers and were not very good quality compared to the laser papers.  But the laser papers I tried left either a heavy film or the image was washed out.  So I just kept researching until I found Pro Word, Inc.  I found a product called Trim Free Laser Paper

This paper is pretty cool!  You print your image from your laser printer onto the paper.  After you heat press the image onto the garment, only the print comes off onto the garment.  I could not believe what I was reading!    What a neat product!  I ordered enough to get the onesie job done then waited for it arrive.  When the Trim Free  paper finally arrived, I took them to my local printer to have them printed. I couldn’t use my laser printer at home because it is an HP, and of course, the paper cannot be used in an HP printer.  But I thought this was not a big deal because our local printer has a Canon laser copier.  When I took the job there, they won’t copy on to heat transfer paper anymore after someone ruined their printer.  So I went to the next copy store.  And the same problem occurred there. 

Finally, Kyle and I talked about what to do to get this job done.  He suggested that we buy another laser printer.  This was not an expense that I was expecting, but I needed  to get the job done.  We did some research and found a printer that would work.  As luck would have it, we went to purchase the printer at Office Max and it was on sale! YEAH!  We brought the printer home, hooked it up, and printed the Trim Free paper  with the squadron logo.  Then the big test came when we pressed the design onto the onesies.  And they came out great!  I was very pleased with the paper, the quality of the color, and the whole look of the design on the garment.  When we delivered the onesies yesterday, our friend was very pleased!  Me too!

And the best part for me is that we had another friend already ask us if we can print on onsies!  Yes.  Yes, we can print on onsies!