Are you ready for some….glitter vinyl and rhinestone….FOOTBALL!

It’s football season and we are so glad to have some great designs for the season! We recently made this for a customer for a local high school football team, the Centennial High School Bulldogs!




The glitter vinyl highlights the Football Mom name and the players name on the back while rhinestones highlight the front design. The back is full of sparkle with the rhinestuds featured on the number. We can personalize your mom shirt with style and sparkle!

Glitter vinyl and softball/baseball designs

We have great new designs for two local teams-one for baseball and one softball. Badgers designs feature glitter vinyl. In the sunlight, this glitter is amazing! Rhinestones highlight the Intensity designs. Check out our store at to purchase any these shirts and more!











New Web Store!

We have been working on our web store for awhile and have it up and running now. The T-Shirt Girl

We’ve been working on making ordering rhinestone shirts easier. We are set up to post new designs right away for purchasing. Right now we have these great shirts for 4th of July shirts ready to order!



Jamaica Bags

About six months ago I was contacted about making totebags for friends that were getting married in Jamaica. The couple wanted to give all of their guests a special gift for making the trip to Jamaica to see their wedding.  Although we took our time on both sides coming up with a design, I started shopping for just the perfect bag right away.  I know when Kyle and I went to Jamaica there was a large variety of bags to choose from and I wanted this bag to be a good size and quality.  After doing some research I purchased four bags from that I wanted to see in person.  I am so glad that I did!  Although all of them had “khaki” or “tan” in the description, not all of them were the color that I pictured.  One was listed as khaki, but arrived as a dark olive green!  

After deciding on a large canvas bag that had an inside pocket and zipped closed, it was time to order the bags. We worked with the couple to narrow down design choices.  Ulitmately they came up with a design that we just tweaked for printing.  We decided to use a light blue pearl ink, but have Transfer Express make the designs for us.  We have used Transfer Express before and they do great work as well as have excellent customer service.  After just a few days of placing the order, our designs arrived.  I printed a  bag right away and was thrilled with the results!  A couple of days later I printed the rest of the bags and shipped them out to the happy couple! 

We were very pleased to see pictures from Jamaica of our bags being used readily.  We recieved a post card from the couple today that said, “Thank you so much for the bags!  Our guests used them everyday.  It was easy to spot our group on the beach by the collection of bags.  Everyone commented how great they looked.  We appreciate you guys taking the time to make them for us.  Thank you!!!!”  Those few lines say it all.  We love our customers and we love making our customers happy!


Fluffy Puff Girls Strike Again

In October we were fortunate to meet a great client, Lori Castillo.  Lori is part of an inspiring team of women that are working hard to lose weight.  They formed a team called the Fluffy Puff Girls and work out together at the Fitness Source in Las Vegas.  We first met Lori because she found us on an Internet search for T-Shirt in Las Vegas.  We made 5 shirts for her with a quick turnaround so the Fluffy Puff Girls could have these shirts in time for their first 5k!  The 5k was called “The Biggest Winner” and that is just what the Fluffy Puff Girls did!  They won! 

We were very proud to make the shirts for such a great group.  And we were even more excited when they wanted more shirts made for another 5k in February!  Instead of the pink shirts they wanted to print on black shirts.  This change affected the design because the original prints were pink, white, and black ink.  The black ink was the outline and details and would not show up on black shirts. 

When I spoke with Lori she said that she really wanted the weights to show up on the black shirts.  As we already had the designs made, I didn’t want to redo the screens if we changed the design.  So we used the same designs and decided to just tape up what would have been the black details except for the weights.  We then used silver shimmer for the weights.  After a few trials, the shimmer really made the difference.  The silver looked just like hand weights! 

To continue the story with Lori and the Fluffy Puff Girls, well, hopefully our shirts are their lucky charms as they won another 5k!  Great job ladies!  Thanks for letting us make your shirts again!

Australia Shirts…Finally


Some of you may remember that at the end of our initial Pick Me Contest  video entry, Kylie mentioned that her English teacher needed shirts for his Australia trip.  Well, that wasn’t made up. He really needed shirts so we spent some time at the beginning of the school year coming up with designs.  We submitted the designs and he picked the one that he liked. 

Then we waited…and waited…and waited…

We didn’t know what we were waiting for. We would touch base every now and then and the teacher said that he would get back to us.  Finally, just after the holidays we heard back that the shirts were a go!  YEAH!  The teacher told us that the school had to approve the design and that is what took so long. We sent a proof sheet and waited again.  He had to confirm the sizes and amounts of the shirts. 

We got the proof sheet last week, ordered the shirts, and printed last weekend!  They look incredible!  After delivering the shirts today, we got an email from the teacher.  The students going on the trip are so excited that they put the shirts on right away!  We couldn’t be happier.  Patience paid off.  The customer is happy and so are we!