Southern Nevada Civil War Reenactment

The first color-the red states and text

The second print-the blue states and text

The finishing touch-The black outline

About two weeks ago we saw a connection through our old Cub Scout pack and mentioned that we have a T-Shirt company  now.  He was genuinely interested and we gave him a couple of business cards, and told him that we would appreciate him passing on our information if he knew anyone that needed shirts.  Well, four days later I got a call from someone that needed shirts!  It was great!

The group that needed shirts needed them done in four days. The group is the Southern Nevada Living History Association and they do a three day Civil War reenactment at a state park here in Nevada. People travel from surrounding states to be a part of this yearly event.  So it was Tuesday and they needed the shirts on Saturday.  Yes, four days.  The person that


usually prints their shirts had moved and had not told his clients, but we reaped the benefit of his mistake.  So Kyle and I spend about 24 hours working up a suitable design, I ordered shirts from and they said they would arrive on time, and we were on our way. 

Kyle and I talked a lot about how far we have come in these first few months with our business and our artwork.  A few months ago we would not have felt comfortable with rushing a job.  I can tell we have grown in our business because we printed a three-color design without even flinching.  I can remember it was not too long ago that we stressed about two color designs!

But the artwork, burning screens, and printing all came out beautifully.  We even finished in enough time to get the shirts to the group the night before they needed them. 

We are still trying to get more business, but things are going steady so far.  It is fun!

Front design with logo