New designs for camps

We’ve been busy printing shirts for two different camps this week. Boy Scout Troop 250 from Las Vegas headed off to Camp Raymond in Arizona. They left with a fun new shirt that even has part of it that glows in the dark. The shirt shown here is in the daylight.


And this is the same shirt in total darkness with just the words illuminated with glow!


We also printed these fun sweatshirts for Camp Harmony. This girls’ camp is for girls 12-18. These sweatshirts were printed in black and teal on vintage gold and vintage gray sweatshirts.






Las Vegas Area Council Mega Scout Expo Booth

In an effort to increase sales and visibility in our community we decided to take out an ad in the event guide at the Mega Scout Expo for the Las Area Council Boy Scouts. The Expo event occurs every year and every troop, pack, and venturing crew is invited for this two day extravaganza. We figured this is a perfect spot to advertise. The event guide is given out to everyone that attends and it comes with a free booth. We asked our designers to come up with an ad to be placed in the guide. You can see what she came up with below. If all goes well we will have talked to a lot of people that are interested in shirts for their unit and hopefully come out with some new orders. We will be promoting our normal business with The T-Shirt Guy as well as our girly blinged out shirts for the moms with The T-Shirt Girl. We are even going to roll out our promotional items and see if anyone needs customized key chains, cups, pens, and more!

Boy Scout Mega Scout Expo Ad

Boy Scout Mega Scout Expo Ad

Camporee Shirts are done!

Kelley has been a pretty busy in the shop lately. She also finished a job for the Las Vegas Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. This was a 200 shirts order with one color on the front and three colors on the back. We are moving a conveyor dryer up on the “want” list because it sure would have been handy with this job. Kelley printed all of the shirts in two days and I delivered them on the Thursday before the event. Everything went very well and the Scouts were happy with the final result.

2011 Bighorn District camporee

2011 Bighorn District camporee

Boy Scout Camporee

We are pleased to get our first job from the Las Vegas Area Council. This is a pretty good sized order for us being 200 shirts. Being involved in Scouting we have made shirts for our troop but never could breach the barrier of the council. Last year we became officially licensed by the Boy Scout Council here in Las Vegas. We ordered the shirts on Tuesday of last week and they arrived on Friday. Since we just moved into our new house today was spent cleaning, putting away, and organizing the garage (or the shop). Although everything isn’t set up to our liking it will be usable to get the job done by Thursday. I did the color separation this evening and printed out the transparencies. Kelley is going to burn the images tomorrow and register the job. She will probably start printing on Tuesday. Looking at the design it should be a fairly easy design to print as there is only a small amount of green and white. We have found that the black ink prints so smoothly and easily that it really is fun to print. Once Kelley starts printing we will post up pictures of the finished shirts.

2011 LVAC Bighorn District Camporee